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Solomon's carpet

Written by John Walker


Posted on May 01 2020

Xiguan Tower by Marcin Ignasiak

Marcin once again adds a ton of character to this Alcazaba Commercial Building with some custom add-ons of his own.

Check out Marcin's Facebook and follow his projects!

Using some handmade miniature rugs, Marcin was able to give more character to this building. Details like this add a bit more cover to an otherwise open spot.

These rugs add tons of tiny visual detail and color. Having both verticle and horizontal stacks makes it more eclectic, which serves the theme of a busy market.

The back of the building also ties in with the details added to the front. This detail makes the whole thing more cohesive and also adds color in an otherwise more boring spot.

May we will be offering the Alcazaba Commercial Building at a $7.50 discount and with a "mirrored" edition for anyone inspired by Marcin!



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