Wave 2 Terrain

We're happy to announce our next wave of MDF terrain pieces. The centerpiece of this release is our new container system. Consisting of Large and Small containers plus Barricades and swappable Container Doors, these pieces are designed to fill tables in a hurry.




Next up we have a 12 pack of Escape Pods which are extremely useful in missions.



Finally we have the Bus Stop.

We hope you like these new pieces, let us know what you think in the comments!

Posted by Bill Evans — March 22, 2013



How big are the markers? Hard to tell from the pictures. Also, it would be nice to see a figure, any figure, next to the various terrain to see how big it is. Failing that, sizes in the descriptions would help. I am interested, and have several friends who also might be interested in some of the stuff, but we need to know how big it is.

Stuff looks great though. Thanks.

June 29 2013

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