12 Days of Warsenal - Day Nine

"On the ninth day of Christmas, Warsenal gave to me... Nine Comanche Outposts (Eight Dark Age Templates, Seven Thon Ord Outposts, Six Comanche Bases, Five Warsenal, Four Containers, Three Benches, Two Template Sets, and a Cosmica Colony)."

Enjoy 12 Days of Holiday Savings at the Warsenal Store as we unlock new goodies each and every day.

On the ninth day, get 9 specially selected Comanche products bundled together to start or expand your collection at great holiday savings!


Make sure to check back every day from now through December 25th so that you can sing along and save big! Once they are unlocked, special offers remain valid for the rest of the 12 Days.

Posted by Tom Schadle — December 21, 2015

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