We're doing things a little differently this time.

Our latest wave of terrain is a new building system that we're calling the "Infinite Terrain System". An ambitious moniker to say the least. Let's hope we're up to the challenge.

At the core of the system are two buildings which we're calling Alpha and Beta. These two buildings are designed on the same frame and share the same core wall designs. The main difference is one has a short front and one has a tall front. This allows for some interesting variations in design.

We wanted the two shapes to work with each other every which way but we didn't want any boxes. What we've come up with is a wedge shape that allows for some really unique layouts on the table. The configurations really do feel infinite. Alpha fits on top of Beta and vice-versa. Alpha fits next to Beta (because it flips upside down!) to make straight pieces or you can put multiple Alpha's or Beta's next to each other to create curves in any direction.


In order to make the the buildings go any direction we had to make all of the walls removable. This had some interesting side effects. Namely it allowed us to sell individual facades so you could transform your buildings as you're setting up the table. Not to mention making it easy to get to that first floor building of your four story skyscraper without taking off all of the upper levels.

This flexibility comes at the price of having to magnetize each wall. This step is totally optional but we feel like if you take that extra step you'll be really glad you did. In play testing the facades all just jump into place and you really have to experience it to appreciate it. It also makes storage a lot easier.

We have some big plans for this system. We have many, many different types of buildings and facades coming very soon. We didn't want to hold off getting something out there as soon as possible though. That's why this time we're taking preorders for these new pieces. All preorders will start shipping on July 15th on a first come first served basis. These pieces are done so there will be no delays, we just didn't want to wait another month to start showing off what we've been working on.

We'll likely keep showing pieces as we finish them leading up to the final launch so keep your eyes peeled to Facebook or Twitter or even right here.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

Posted by Bill Evans — June 18, 2013


franklin Rains:

got my first building put together and going to my paint booth. great work guys on design looking forward to next set of buildings.

September 09 2013

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