Cosmica Wave Two is Here!

We are proud to unveil the second set of releases for the Cosmica Colony line of terrain for Infinity The Game!

The Cosmica Water Storage Building is based on the longer Gamma Frame.

H2O Storage


And of course, the Water Storage Facade is available separately, with or without interior pipes for extra detail.

H2O Facade


The Cosmica Small Hallway Building is just like its big brother, but based on the smaller Zeta Frame.


The Small Hallway Facades are also available separately.


Also based on the Zeta Frame, we have the new Cosmica Coolant Building and Cosmica Fuel Building.



And of course, their facades available individually.



The new Interior Doors allow you to connect several Cosmica buildings together end-to-end.


The Access Panel is an exterior door for planets where the Cosmica airlock is not necessary. The Second Story Access Panel is specifically designed to be used on upper floors, where it can open onto the Cosmica Roof.


All of these fantastic new elements can be combined with the existing Cosmica Colony range for maximum modularity and detail! Find them all in the Warsenal Store.


Posted by Tom Schadle — February 23, 2016

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