Warsenal is proud to introduce its newest collection of terrain designed for Infinity the GameXǐguǎn, The Spider District.  

The smallest of the buildings, the Xǐguǎn Clinic and Xǐguǎn Shop are available individually, or bundled together as a pair as the Xǐguǎn Corner

Xiguan Clinic
Xiguan Shop
Xiguan Corner Buildings
The Xǐguǎn Office Building is the medium-sized piece, and includes a staircase that is modular with the rest of the sidewalk sections for multiple configurations.
Xiguan Office Building
We've combined the above products into a convenient bundle as well, the Yellow Dragon Territory that includes the Office Building, Clinic and Shop.
Yellow Dragon Territory
The Centerpiece of the collection is the massive  Xǐguǎn Tower! Note that all of the advertisements on the  Xǐguǎn terrain are pre-printed in full color onto acrylic to really make your table pop!
Xiguan Tower
The Stairs that come with the Xǐguǎn Office Building are available as a separate product, and we also have a Bridge to connect the buildings that serves as an overpass, complete with traffic signals.
Xiguan Office Stairs
Xiguan Bridge
All of the sidewalks connect modularly to create and combine into many different configurations so you can build the sci-fi city of your imagination to play Infinity the Game.
Check out the entire  Xǐguǎn Collection today, and see all the different pictures for each product. And don't forget about Lo Pan's Noodle Hut!
It's even easier to get Warsenal products all over the world now, with free Domestic shipping on orders of $150 or more, free shipping to Canada on orders of $200 or more, and free shipping to the rest of the world on orders of $250 or more. 

Posted by Tom Schadle — August 24, 2017

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