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12 Days of Warsenal - Day Three

"On the third day of Christmas, Warsenal gave to me... Three Benches (Two Template Sets, and a Cosmica Colony)."
Bench-es, French-Hens... C'mon, you're all singing along, right?
Enjoy 12 Days of Holiday Savings at the Warsenal Store as we unlock new goodies each and every day.
On the third day, get three sets of our Benches for the price of two!
Make sure to check back every day from now through December 25th so that you can sing along and save big! Items will remain on sale throughout the entire 12 Days once they are unlocked.

12 Days of Warsenal - Day Two

"On the second day of Christmas, Warsenal gave to me... Two Template Sets (and a Cosmica Colony)."

Enjoy 12 Days of Holiday Savings at the Warsenal Store as we unlock new goodies each and every day.
On the second, choose any two Infinity Faction Template Sets for one low price.
Make sure to check back every day from now through December 25th so that you can sing along and save big! Items will remain on sale throughout the entire 12 Days once they are unlocked.

12 Days of Warsenal - Day One

"On the first day of Christmas, Warsenal gave to me... A Cosmica Colony."

Enjoy 12 Days of Holiday Savings at the Warsenal Store as we unlock new goodies each and every day.

Up first, a bundle of our brand-new Cosmica Colony buildings at a fantastic price!

Make sure to check back every day from now through December 25th so that you can sing along and save big! Items will remain on sale throughout the entire 12 Days once they are unlocked.

Introducing the Warsenal Junk Box!

We've got junk in our trunk.

Well, especially J. In fact, with all of the MDF and acrylic piled up in his poor vehicle, he can barely get in to drive it. And if he can't get to work, no new terrain can get made!

So we are now offering boxes of our junk to you! 

The Warsenal Junk Box is a collection of leftovers, mis-cuts, loose pieces and expired products; all that we can jam into one box! Perfect for scratch-builders, kit-bashers, or just if you're feeling lucky...

The MDF version has parts of buildings and terrain, and may include full legitimate pieces of scenery! Great for scratch-builders and terrain converters.

The Acrylic version has all sorts of cool pieces to add color and detail to terrain pieces, to use as in-game markers and tools, great for kit-bashers. Hammer not included.

Shipping is free on these items to the US, but only when ordered individually. If anything else appears on the order, the free shipping option will not appear, even if it is another Junk Box.  Each junk box must be ordered individually and with nothing else to receive free shipping - in fact, the cost of these Junk Boxes is mostly the shipping cost with a small handling fee. Of course, all orders over $150 receive free Domestic shipping as always, and Junk Boxes do count toward that total.

Junk Boxes are hand-picked, so each one will be unique and different from what is pictured.  This also means that quantities are very limited. As J's car and the warehouse fill up again, more Junk Boxes will eventually be added.

Maybe you'll get inspired for an entire table with what appears in your Junk Box!

Posted by Tom Schadle — December 03, 2015

Warsenal Cyber Monday Sale

Today is your last chance to receive 30% Off all Warsenal Products! Simply enter the code STRESSFREE during checkout to apply the discount.

We are also offering FREE shipping on all Domestic (US) orders, as well as FREE International shipping on orders of $200 or more (after discount).

But hurry, because this amazing deal ends today!

Painting Tutorial - Comanche Emplacements: Part Three

In this final instalment of the Painting Comanche Emplacements Tutorial, we will cover some quick weathering to make these squeaky-clean Emplacements appear more used and lived-in.

First we will add some rusty-dirty effects using an airbrush. We used Vallejo Model Colour 131 Orange Brown with a few drops of VMC 137 Cavalry Brown mixed in.

You can see that it is mostly in places where moisture would collect, like corners and joins.  Some streaks were added dripping down from edges.  The same color was used on both the steel and green portions, often overlapping both.

Next up is some scarring, battle damage and paint chipping.  It is super-easy and fast to do, using the foam that comes in your Infinity: The Game blister packs and boxes.

First, cut off a corner of the blister pack foam with some scissors.

Then trim off the corners so you have a flat surface to use.

Using VMC 150 German Camo Black Brown, dip that flattened end of the foam into it, dab it on a paper towel a couple times to remove excess paint, and stipple on your paint chips (poke the thing with it!).

In no time, those factory fresh Emplacements become war-torn veterans!

Painting Tutorial - Comanche Emplacements: Part Two

Continuing our tutorial on painting the Comanche Emplacements for Infinity: The Game, Part Two will cover painting the green armor plates. If you missed out on Part One, painting the steel pieces, you can check it out here.

After priming with black spray enamel, the pieces are base-coated using an airbrush with Vallejo Model Colour 086 Luftwaffe Camo Green.

First highlights are airbrushed with VMC 081 Medium Olive. Spray from the direction of the sun, covering less and less area with each successive highlight.  Notice that the short emplacement wall attaches to the painting handle in the opposite direction from the other pieces, so keep track of which end is up.

So that you don't spill the paint out of the cup, keep the airbrush level, and turn the pieces in your other hand to spray from the tops!

Next, add VMC 079 Golden Olive to the previous color to add further highlights.

Add VMC 020 Sunny Skin Tone to the previous mix for the next highlight.

Continuing with the same mix, this time add in VMC 005 Ivory.

The final airbrushed highlight is pure VMC 005 Ivory.

Add in shadows by airbrushing VMC 089 Military Green to the lower portions.

Finally, add a drop of VMC 086 Luftwaffe Camo Green and a drop of VMC 005 Ivory to some VMC 079 Golden Olive and use a paint brush to apply highlights to the edges and panel lines. Add more Ivory, and use pure Ivory, to highlight the highest edges at the tops, as the pieces get lighter.

With the green finished, we can now assemble the Emplacements using white glue, super glue, or my favorite - Alene's Tacky Glue (you can find this in the crafts department; it's the brown bottle with the white top).

At this stage, the Emplacements could be considered complete. However, once the glue completely dries we will add some weathering to them so that they are not so "factory fresh." That will be covered in the third and final instalment of this tutorial.

Warsenal Military Discount

On this Veteran's Day, Warsenal is proud to announce a 10% Discount on all Warsenal orders for active and retired Military, to show our appreciation and support for our men and women in uniform.

To qualify just send us a copy of your Veteran ID card, DD 214, pay-stub or payslip, or a copy of military orders or expired military ID to the address. Make sure to obscure any sensitive or personal information.

We will not store or save any of this information. Once we've verified it we will delete it.

Also, please do not send active military ID's.

If you are unsure of what to send just let us know and we'll help you figure it out.

After we have verified the information we'll send you a personal discount code for use on all future orders, good for 10% off each and every time.

Please note that only one discount code may be applied to an order at a time, so this may not be combined with other special offers.

Posted by Bill Evans — November 11, 2015

Painting Tutorial - Comanche Emplacements: Part One

Comanche Emplacements make excellent scatter terrain to provide cover to your troops for Infinity: The Game

For this project, we are going to paint the pieces unassembled before gluing it all together.  Sometimes this can be much more efficient than painting terrain assembled and having to mask off certain areas before airbrushing the rest.

First, attach the pieces to "painting handles."  Here we have used bottle caps and Blu-Tac (poster putty) to attach some pieces, while others are simply friction-fitted to pieces of the MDF sprue that the kit comes on.

For a tighter fit, some blue painter's tape was wrapped over the edge of sprue.  We recommend Spray Enamel Primer to prime the pieces and seal the MDF so that it won't soak up as much paint from the airbrush. 

Working with the parts that will be "steel" first, we base-coated them using the airbrush with Vallejo Model Colour 168 Black Grey.

The first highlights are applied with VMC 166 Dark Grey. Spray from the top down, building highlights toward the outer edges of the bases and tops of the support struts.

The next highlight was airbrushed with VMC 160 Neutral Grey, again working toward the edges and tops.

The next highlights were airbrushed using VMC 155 Light Grey.

 Final airbrushed highlights are with White.

Using the airbrush, shadows are placed back in with Black. You can see that the contrast from black to white makes the metal parts appear metallic.

The final step is to use Neutral Grey, Light Grey, and White to highlight the edges of the pieces with a regular paint brush. Using the side of the bristles at a 45-degree angle to the sharp edges of the pieces helps to quickly pick out just the edge.

With the steel parts finished, in the next instalment we will tackle the green armor plates.



The Warsenal App - Terrain Stats in an Instant

We are proud to announce the Warsenal App, available for free in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The Warsenal app gives you quick access to relevant terrain stats, the ability to create and share product collections (just like this), full product images and information as well as assembly instructions.

With the Android version, tag your building with NFC technology on supported devices for instant access to stats during gameplay. That's right - using RFID Tags, programmable in-app, simply touch your phone to your terrain during your games to bring up all the stats and information you need.

(Sorry, iOS users. Apple doesn't allow developers to access NFC in their API. If that changes you'll be the first to know! In the meantime, the app is still a great way to look up stats on your favorite Warsenal terrain pieces.)

You can purchase RFID tags on Amazon like these, these or these.

Don't forget that our terrain rules are officially endorsed by Corvus Belli, legal for all Infinity game play, including ITS!

Have a custom painted terrain piece? Snap a photo in-app and assign it to make your collections personalized.