Product Updates

Wave 2 Terrain

We're happy to announce our next wave of MDF terrain pieces. The centerpiece of this release is our new container system. Consisting of Large and Small containers plus Barricades and swappable Container Doors, these pieces are designed to fill tables in a hurry.




Next up we have a 12 pack of Escape Pods which are extremely useful in missions.



Finally we have the Bus Stop.

We hope you like these new pieces, let us know what you think in the comments!

Posted by Bill Evans — March 22, 2013

Assembly Videos

We just wanted to give a heads up that assembly videos are being uploaded to YouTube over the next couple of days. Most of our pieces are pretty straightforward to assemble but some of the tougher pieces such as the Command Bunker will require some help.

Subscribe to our currently empty YouTube channel and you'll be updated as soon as we upload a video.

If you've placed an order for a terrain piece over the past couple of weeks we will send you an email with a link to the appropriate assembly videos.

Terrain now available

We're excited to announce that our first terrain pieces are now available! This first wave is all 28mm scale and primarily consists of sci-fi pieces. Check out the objective building with optional tech console and communications array. Also if you're looking for scatter terrain take a look at our beautiful dumpster and torii arch.

We have many more pieces in the works so keep your eyes peeled to this blog, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

International Orders now available

Along with all the cool new products we're adding to the store you can now also order from anywhere (probably) in the world.

Quite a few people asked us to accept international orders in our last store so we're glad to finally be able to offer it.

Big updates are coming!

You've probably noticed some changes around the site, perhaps even some technical hiccups :) We've completely switched store platforms and we're starting to upload all the new products we've been working on.

We'll update you when everything is "ready" but in the meantime please pardon our dust!