3D Holoprojector / Decoy Markers


Silhouettes to represent Holoprojector level two models in Infinity: the Game. Each is printed in full color and cut from clear acrylic with black acrylic bases. The bases have Holo 1, Holo 2 and Actual on them to easily keep track of the real model. More sculpts will be released over time!

Decoy versions will have Decoy 1, Decoy 2, and Actual on the bases.

Select the specific troop type from the drop down menu. The Lu Duan are 55mm; all others are 25mm.

    *Due to product variance acrylic glue may be required to assemble to bases

    Acrylic materials can vary greatly. Photos taken in optimal lighting conditions. Actual product may appear differently upon receipt.

    These are intended to be used as markers and are not acceptable proxies for Corvus Belli miniatures.

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