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Corvus Belli

Shakush Light Armored Unit

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Designed For

  • Haqqislam
  • Ramah Taskforce
  • Hassassin Bahram
Armies: Haqqislam / Ramah Taskforce / Hassasin Bahram

Some may think it sounds excessive saying that a lightweight TAG can crush the bones of any enemy, but only those who have never seen a Shakush in action will say that. Used wisely, taking full advantage of its potential without risking it in suicide operations, or even when doing so, the Shakush is a tactical element that can turn the tide of the battle.

This box includes an injected thermoplastic miniature of a Shakush with AP Spitfire and Heavy Flamethrower. This lightweight TAG will provide the firepower and endurance needed to make a difference in your Haqqislam army from your Operation: Blackwind box.