ITS Season 9 Full Color Objectives Pack


This pack of stunning full-color markers has everything you need to run all of the Infinity the Game missions for ITS Season 9, "Treason."

    This pack includes:

    • 2x DataPack Markers, one for each player (25mm)
    • 9x Player A Markers (25mm)
    • 9x Player B Markers (25mm)
    • 9x Objective┬áMarkers (40mm)
    • 3x Objective Markers (25mm)
    • 3x Supply Box Markers (25mm)
    • 9x Destroyed Markers (25mm)
    • 4x Civilian Markers Player A (25mm)
    • 4x Civilian Markers Player B (25mm)

    If you would like more specific Objectives for your missions, you can shop our 40mm ITS Mission Markers HERE, and our 25mm ITS Mission Markers HERE.

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