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Cosmica Consoles

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These Consoles are on 40mm bases and are perfect objectives for ITS Missions. The "radar dish" doubles as a convenient rack to place Player A/B or Faction Markers to denote ownership during a game. They also make great scatter terrain, and are fully compatible with the 40mm sockets in all of the Cosmica sets.

Choose a single console or a convenient 4-pack from the drop-down menu.

These laser cut MDF / Acrylic pieces come unassembled and unpainted, and includes full-color printed computer screens.

Assembly Instructions can be found in this PDF. (coming soon)


Cosmica is the Nomad brand for near orbit and outland surface industrial construction.

Cosmica provides quick deployable and durable prospection and industrial modules allowing for construction of an orbital, asteroidal or outland facility in a record time.

Cosmica has been specially designed to be deployed in areas in which it is necessary to
develop a quick exploitation of the resources available in a short time period. In this
kind of high performance work endurance is compulsory. Cosmica offers the best quality materials and has made a name for itself in this area.

Cosmica is short for “Construcciones Cósmicas Ltda.” a Corregidor-based
company created at the beginning of the independence of this Nomad mothership. Cosmica has been a pioneer in the Nomad construction industry, profiting from the knowledge acquired by the Corregidor EVA workers in their daily work.

Using the feedback from the Nomads “meteor heads” Cosmica has forged a reputation
based on their company motto: “Simple and durable. Difficult to disable, easy to