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AGL Tournament Pack - Fiddler Edition

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Sku: CBARI56

Organize Aristeia! tournaments or leagues, with a great selection of prizes for the participants. This Tournament Pack is themed around popular Aristiea competitor Fiddler.


Box contains:

    • 1x exclusive Fiddler miniature
    • 2x plastic Jackbots miniatures
    • 1x Winner’s Medallion
    • 1x Fiddler logo pin
    • 8x random character pins
    • 2x exclusive plastic character cards for Fiddler with alternative art
    • 2x exclusive Jackbot cards with alternative art
    • 4x Fiddler Initiative cards with alternative art
    • 4x Mechanised Deployment Tactic cards with alternative art
    • 1x Neoprene Control Panel
    • 4x metal Burning tokens
    • 1x AGL code (valid for both Tournament or League).