Bakunin Observance Marker Bundle

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The perfect companion for the Bakunin Observance Bundle, it includes 14 order markers with unit symbols matching the Bakunin Observance Action Pack/Troubled Theft/Kusanagi troops, 3 EM Mine/Camo Flip Markers, and a Cybermask marker for the Reverend Custodier Hacker

This bundle includes these color order markers:

  • 2x Reverend Cenobites
  • 1x Reverend Custodier Hacker
  • 1x Orphans of the Observance
  • 1x Penitent Observants
  • 1x Reverend Healers
  • 3x Reverend Moiras
  • 1x Sin Eater Observants
  • 1x Mother Healer Agatha Wabara
  • 1x Outlaw AI Robin Hook
  • 1x Indigo Brother Konstantinos 
  • 1x Observantiae Sanctae Mariae Clutris