Infinity New Releases Full Color Unit Markers Bundle


A bundle of all full color unit markers for each month's new releases for Infinity the Game.

New unit markers will be added to the list each month following the new releases for Infinity the Game by Corvus Belli. Markers are 25mm in diameter, and are printed in full-color on 3mm clear acrylic.

Individual markers are available By Faction.

Use them as bases, order markers, collector's items, effect markers, tournament prizes, or anything else you can think of. 

Select the month from the drop-down menu.

  • September 2017: Daylami, Farzan, Ayyar, Muyib, Hellcats, Nagas, Caledonian Volunteers, Shikami, Umbra Legates, Locust
  • October 2017: Taskmaster, Blackjacks, Crusader Brethren, Andromeda, Gao Rael, Tiger Soldiers, Mobile Brigada, Bandits, Alguaciles, McMurrough, Tomcats
  • November 2017: Hassassin Muyibs, Jeanne d'Arc, Hac Tao, Intel Spec-Ops, Joe "Scarface" Turner, Avatar, Staldron
  • December 2017: Druze Shock Teams, Hassassin Lasiqs, Szalamandra Squadron, Kanren, 1st Highlander SAS, Nexus Operatives, Neema Satar
  • January 2018: Die Morlock Gruppe, Thorakitai, Charontid, Igao, WarCors, Croc Men, 3rd Highlander Greys
  • February 2018: Irmandinhos, Bit, Kiss, Knights Hospitaller, Garuda Tacbots, Kuang Shi, Al Hawaá, Spektrs
  • March 2018: Shikami, Nisses, Blackjacks, Kurgats, Asawira, Rosie, Kerr-Nau
  • April 2018: Kuge Delegate, Keisotsu Butai, Oniwaban, Ryuken Unit-9, Kuroshi Rider, Daiyokai Dengekitai, Kempeitai, Kaizoku SpecOps
  • May 2018: Prowlers, Hakims, Tanko Zensenbutai, Zoe, Pi-Well, Caledonian Mormaers, Father-Officer Gabrielle De Fersen

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