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Warhammer: Kingdom Of Bretonnia: Battle Standard Bearer on Royal Pegasus

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A fully armored Paladin mounted on a Royal Pegasus is a majestic sight indeed, and often, the honor of carrying the army's banner falls to one of these knights. Resplendent as they lead the charge, they hold aloft their standard, snapping crisply in the rush of air.

This multipart plastic kit builds one Battle Standard Bearer on Royal Pegasus, an inspiring character for your Kingdom of Bretonnia army. Armed with a hand weapon, shield, and heavy armor, and mounted on their Royal Pegasus, they can get stuck in with your forward charge, inspiring nearby soldiers. You’ll find two different head options for the mount, a standard head and one with extra armor.

This kit contains 43 plastic components, a Citadel 50mm Square Base, and a Bretonnian Transfer Sheet. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly