Junk Box


Perfect for scratch-builders, kit-bashers, or if you're feeling lucky... The Warsenal Junk Box is a collection of leftovers, mis-cuts, loose pieces and expired products; all that we can jam into one box!

The MDF version has parts of buildings and terrain, and may include full legitimate pieces of scenery! Great for scratch-builders and terrain converters.

The Acrylic version has all sorts of cool pieces to add color and detail to terrain pieces, great for kit-bashers. Hammer not included. You might get a mis-cut template, or you may get a bunch of scrap acrylic in all sorts of fun colors. Careful those edges can be sharp!

Shipping is free on these items to the US, but only when ordered individually. If anything else appears on the order, the free shipping option will not appear, even if it is another Junk Box.  Each junk box must be ordered individually and with nothing else to receive free shipping - in fact, the cost of these Junk Boxes is mostly the shipping cost with a small handling fee. Of course, all orders over $150 receive free Domestic shipping as always, and Junk Boxes do count toward that total.

Junk Boxes are hand-picked, so quantities are very limited.  

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