Thank you very much for your interest in having Warsenal as a sponsor for your upcoming event.

Our standard support package includes a 10% Off printable voucher for every person attending your event. It also includes a one-time use Tournament Organizer code good for 20% off a single order. This is a great way to save on some prize support, outfit a new table or two for the event, or even to get together a group order for your local community, to help you reach our free shipping thresholds. And if you do place an order, our friendly warehouse staff will certainly include some extra bonus items to send along with it as additional prize support!

To get started, please copy and paste the following form and email your response to info@warsen.al so that we have all of the information that we need to help.

Name of Event:
Date(s) of Event:
Event Location:
Primary Game Systems:
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Event Website:
Event Facebook Page:
Expected # of Participants:
Any Special Requests:

Be sure to check out our Limited Edition ITS Prize Packs, as well as our beautiful Trophy Plaques for your winners. We also can do custom plaques with your event name and logo (a setup fee is required; just ask us for more info!).

Thanks, and best of luck with your event!

The Warsenal Team