Written by John Walker


Posted on November 27 2021

Documentation of added features & changes made to the webstore to improve it's performance and functionality. Please feel free to post issues, reviews or make suggestions in the comments.

11/27/2021 - Changelog Established

11/27/2021 - Renamed all Building Bundle to ***** Bundle (were ***** = set name).

11/27/2021 -  Added Bundle as a Tag so that products may be sorted by Bundle

11/27/2021 - Fixed product description for Xiguan Bundle - Sakuramachi Complex  it incorrectly listed a right entrance instead of left entrance in components.

12/1/2021 - Added Stairwell instructions to Xiguan Stacks - Stairwell , Xigaun Components Stairwell products as well as the  Instructions , and Xiguan Instructions Pages.

4/19/22 - Added Texture / Basing, Primers, Water Effects to hobby menu. Added Woodland Scenics Realistic Water, Woodland scenics Water Effects, and Mecha color primers in black, grey, white.



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