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  • Abandoned fountain

    Abandoned fountain

    This cool fountain was done by Drew Richardson over at It shows how some custom touches like the water effects and grass can really bring some life to an otherwise...

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  • PODCAST: How to paint complex terrain...

    In Episode 265 (16:20) of the always-excellent MayaCast, Tom and Kip breakdown some of the intricacies of painting detailed MDF terrain. They elaborate on setup, masking, and organization in an...

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    PODCAST: How to paint complex terrain with Tom Schadle and Kip Parcell.
  • Painting Lo Pan's Noodle Hut

    Painting Lo Pan's Noodle Hut

    This is a guest blog post by the amazing Adam Huenecke The Warsenal Lo Pan Noodle Hut is one of the most versatile kits in their line of terrain.  It...

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  • Magnetizing Cosmica

    This post will show you how to best magnetize your Cosmica Frames and Facades for maximum modularity and consistency. This will allow for the easy connection of not only facades...

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    Magnetizing Cosmica
  • Painting Tutorial - Comanche Emplacements pt.3

    Painting Tutorial - Comanche Emplacements pt.3...

    In this final instalment of the Painting Comanche Emplacements Tutorial, we will cover some quick weathering to make these squeaky-clean Emplacements appear more used and lived-in. First we will add...

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