Let’s Get Ready to Rumble.


170mm Oval Base Wound Tracker

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These 170mm x 105mm Acrylic bases are compatible with any knight model with a corresponding wound characteristic. 

Each base features a built-in wounds counter that is adjustable on the fly. Wounds are bracketed by color, starting with the lowest bracket in red, the medium bracket in yellow, and the full bracket in green. Any extra profile wounds are in white.

Optionally each base is customizable with the name of your choice and in the style of your choice. The loyalist style includes a cogwheel for the wound spinner, while the Traitor style includes a spiked one.

Please add the requested name to your checkout cart's Special Instructions tab in the following format:

 Base Size, Last Bracket, Style, Color

170mm, 15-28, Cedere Nescio, Loyalist, White 
170mm, 25-28, Tyrant of Blood, Traitor, Red
100mm, 7-12, Lancer, Loyalist, White
100mm, 13-14, Ravenous Cur, Traitor, Red


Each base includes two layers of 1.5mm acrylic, one layer of 3mm acrylic, a .80mm clear acrylic spacer, and a 1.5mm acrylic wounds dial that comes with color-printed wound numbers. The bases come unpainted and unassembled but can easily be assembled with super glue.

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