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Hacking Holos

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These AR Hacking Holo markers designed for Infinity the Game can be used to mark hacking effects during the game. Mark the hacker and his supportware target, a Cybermasked hacker, your EVO running TeamPro, the perfidious Interventor with White Noise running, or whatever you can imagine. Each marker also has a convenient LOF marking built in.

25mm sets include 5 markers.

Remote sets include 3x 55mm markers and 2x 40mm (The Combined Army set includes 2x 55mm and 3x 40mm).

Choose the size (25mm or Remote) and Faction from the drop-down menus.

Special Thanks to Michael Lugo for letting us use his beautiful Minis.

*Note: The protective backing may still be attached to protect during shipping. Upon receiving the package just peel off the backing before use.