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Ord Acquiry Uplink

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The Ordhren Drop Tower is a versatile, modular defensive structure that facilitates a plethora of battlefield functions. It can be dropped in sections to create a dispersed group of hard cover-structures or combined one atop the other to create guard towers and vantage points. It can also serve as a nexus for the many Acquiry Relay Stations, gantries and walkways that connect the various buildings virtually and physically.

The Acquiry Uplink is a modular addition to the Thon Ord range. It includes three removable short walls and three removable struts that can support the roof from the Acquiry Teminus. It is stackable with the Acquiry Enhancer and Acquiry Terminus.

This 3mm MDF piece comes unpainted and unassembled. 

Assembly instructions are available in this PDF.