Let’s Get Ready to Rumble.

A Stellar Scheme

Written by John Walker


Posted on July 07 2022

by Obadiah Hampton

Check out this majestic Cosmica Roof by Obadiah! It looks clean, precise, and lavish. Such a drastically different scheme to the studio model really shows how different a kit can look or feel with a beautiful color scheme.

Switching out the acrylic rods for Brass Rods on the Armory Door was a nice touch. Also, The faux-depth effect of the painting on the grey and white parts of the door is excellent.

Here is an example of all the hard work he's put into masking. That floor is gonna be spectacular.

We can't wait to see more of Obadiah's excellent paint scheme. To see more of Obadiah's work look forward to his weekly #wipwednesday post on the Infinith Global Community.



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