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Magnetizing Cosmica

Written by Tom Schadle


Posted on February 05 2020

This post will show you how to best magnetize your Cosmica Frames and Facades for maximum modularity and consistency. This will allow for the easy connection of not only facades to frames, but also the connection of frames to frames in order to make larger structures.

Magnets have two sides, two Poles, north and south. Opposites attract, so north sticks to south, south sticks to north. Two of the same poles will push each other away, making clicking your building facades together impossible!

As long as you keep it straight, with all north poles  on the frames, and all south poles on the facades, you can freely mix and match facades with ease. However, frames will push away from each other, not allowing you to combine Cosmica frames into massive, impressive structures.

If you alternate the polarities in the corners, however, you can mix and match both facades and frames in any combination!

When adding magnets, if the top-left and bottom-right poles are South, and the other two corners are North on all of your Cosmica components, the modularity is optimised.

Polar Corners

Blue = South, Red = North

How can you tell the polarity of your magnets? This handy article by K&J Magnetics can help. You can get all the magnets you need from us right here.

You can also make a Master Jig using some scrap MDF to keep track of which polarity each corner should be magnetized:

Magnet Jig

Make sure to indicate which end is up, and that will keep your magnets straight for all of your future builds as well. 

Magnetizing your Cosmica Frames and Facades in this manner allows for an endless combination of terrain for your games of Infinity!

These same techniques work perfectly for our Alpha and Beta Buildings as well!

Check out the entire line of Cosmica Colony Terrain HERE.

Get all the magnets you will need HERE.




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