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Measurement Tool - White Banner Army

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The White Banner Army


It’s often said that PanOceania is number one, the Hyperpower. Is it? Are you sure? If that’s so, if they truly are the strongest power in the entire Human Sphere, then why did they have half of Svalarheima taken away from them? How is it possible that after so much time, after so much overt and covert fighting, they still haven’t recovered it yet? Both questions have the same answer: the White Banner Army.

Flexibility and adaptability combined with hardness and endurance, agility, stealth, and surprise. These are the core traits of the White Banner Army, a force with the tough and relentless attitude of those who know that they ought to protect their own against an enemy that’s ready and willing to eliminate every single one of them. A force that has been the not so secret weapon of the StateEmpire in Huangdi, and the reason why the Hyperpower is not so hyper in Svalarheima.


Designed For

  • Yu Jing White Banner

Infinity the Game template multi-tool with measurements for 8" / 6" / 4" / 2" / 1". It also features a ruler (1"- 8"). And Silhouettes S1-S2, and silhouette height representations for S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8.

Perfect for measuring the movement of any Infinity unit or its Zone of Control. As well as quick check LOS with its marked Silhouette heights.

Cut from 3mm acrylic and featuring a beautiful color image of a Blue Wolf Tag and 2 Zanshis from The White Banner Army of Yu Jing.