Wholesale FAQ

1. What is my discount?

Your wholesale discount includes 40% off Warsenal Products and 50% off Corvus Belli Products.

2. What if a price is wrong?

We enter these products manually, so we could have made a mistake, please alert us immediately if there is any issues, our contact info is at the end of this document. 

3. Why is the Compare at price 20% off?

Due to the way our website currently functions we are not able to display full MSRP on the compare at price. We are working to address this issue and resolve it in the future.

4. What do I do if the product is out of stock?

Pleas ask to be notified to receive an email when the item comes back into stock via the button on the product. We normally make new stock orders weekly so chances are it's already on the way, also if you ask to be notified we'll be sure to add extra inventory on our next order. Alternatively feel free to place an order with us via a Corvus ordering spreadsheet for any out of stock items.

 5. Do I need to use the Quick Order Form to buy wholesale?

No, you can use the Quick Order Form to rapidly search for any product gain access to valuable wholesale links or info or shop normally on our website in the menus above.

 5. What does it mean if a product has a discount percentage or special text on the picture?

This is one of our website specials that were running for our regular customers, your regulars Wholesale discount will be superior.

6.If you have a question not covered here, or a suggestion for the FAQ, please contact us and let us know!

Thanks for your business, support and patience while we improve our service!

Contact Info:

Jay Walker


(407) 325-4713

Also feel free to use the chat function on the website to contact us immediately!