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Dark Orders

Written by John Walker


Posted on November 29 2021

Here is a breakdown of the layout and products used in the "Dark Orders" Photo. 

Front Row (Left to Right)

Xiguan Office

Xiguan Left Back Alley

Xiguan Rastraunt Alley

Xigaun Stairs

Xiguan Stack - 1 Story

REM Garage
 Awning Roof
REM Garage

Back Row (Left to Right)

Xiguan Stairwell - 2 Story Right Entrance w/ Access

Xiguan Stack - (top to bottom)

Awning Roof
Right Balcony
Extended Office
Rem Garage

Xiguan Stack - (top to bottom)

Left Water Tower Roof
Extended Apartment
Rem Garage

Scatter Terrain

Kumoropu Bicycles


Toolbox (comes with Xiguan Scaffolds)

Fuel Drums

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