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Rooftop Rustle

Written by John Walker


Posted on February 19 2020

Xiguan Corner Buildings have a medium sized playable roof. They also boast expansion locations hidden below the removable signage where you can link up a Xiguan Bridge to connect to other Corner Buildings or a  Xiguan Tower But these roofs can feel a little empty and apart from the railings can be a little sparse. So here are some kits you can use to add intermediate cover and make them feel a bit more lived in.

Chemical Tanks

Chemical Tanks can fit into the 40mm objective slots built into the roofs of the Corner Buildings, they also make excellent water towers and add more of an industrial feel.

The smaller units from the Ac Units pack can help break up open space or provide cover to and from other rooftops. They fit naturally with the eclectic "slum" look of Xiguan. 

Construction Pallets are one of my go-to kits for adding a lived-in feel and add cover that runs perpendicular to walls. One or two leaning up against the wall works perfectly.

Fuel Drums pair perfectly with the pallets and can add some color and atmosphere. Also more of that all-important cover, wich can help you position your link team in a more defensive position.

Adding all these elements together can make a roof that has both playability and looks. Consider gluing these elements into place on your roofs or bases. That way the board is easier to set up and take down, and the scatter elements are always in their place.



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