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Kapsulo Dometo-4 Berth

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10 1/2" Wide x 15" Long x 5" Tall

     O-12's operational scope is not limited to the ‘civilized’ places of the Human Sphere. Wherever a citizen of the Sphere may go, however far, this organization must reach there as well; it must be present to offer help. Irrespective of whether territories are uncharted and inhospitable, far from civilization, it is the duty of O-12 to show up if their services are needed.
     Unfortunately, O-12 lacks the resources and personnel to establish permanent headquarters in every city, orbital, and colonial settlement in the Human Sphere. Therefore, to be able to meet its obligations to the citizens of the Sphere and to be present wherever it is required, O-12 relies on a system of rapidly deployable housing solutions called Kapsulo Systemo. Different modules with different functions are organized under this name, but they are all easy to transport, lightweight, and quick to set up. This housing system provides O-12 staff with functional facilities where they can serve citizens regardless of any lack of resources at the site.
The structure of the modular base is built upon the celebrated Fēngniǎo Series of the Yujingyu company G2Corp (Gānsteel Group Corporation Ltd), which was used with great success during the Xīnjiè Expansion, the establishment of new territories in Shentang. It was manufactured under license by Sunandar Fabrications, a company based in Concilium which was founded with PanOceanian seed money. This company introduced a series of modifications that updated the original design, adapting it to O-12 Bureaus' logistics. Following its purchase of the Fēngniǎo Series license, Sunandar Fabrications acquired a Bakunian home-automation startup to improve its modules' connectivity, as well as a Haqqislamite company specializing in multi-environment life-support systems, which optimized the versatility of the Fēngniǎo modules enabling them to be deployed in any operational setting. The final result was different enough from the original series to warrant a brand-new trade name. Using Esperanto, one of O-12's official languages, Sunandar Fabrications renamed this new series Kapsulo Systemo ("Capsule System"), since it encapsulated all of O-12's needs in a single line.

    However, developing Kapsulo Systemo was a risky venture for Sunandar Fabrications. The high level of operational performance required by O-12 was a challenge that few companies were willing to take on, as the risk/profits ratio was very tight. Corporate risk-assessment experts were unanimous: any performance issues would be quickly picked up by the mass media, posing a serious threat to the company's reputation. Such a threat could mean permanent damage to corporate image, so many companies abstained from submitting their projects to O-12's public tender. Yet, for Sunandar Fabrications, the absence of strong competitors was a clear business opportunity that could make them one of Concilium's largest contractors, as would eventually happen.
After they secured the contract, Kapsulo Systemo became a common sight in locations where the urgent and immediate presence of O-12 or one of its Bureaus was required. Temporary camps and emergency facilities such as those set up on Conchagüita Island after the tsunami off the coast of El Salvador were built entirely using this modular system and became a symbol of hope for many people. However, Kapsulo Systemo has also been used in many other scenarios besides disasters and catastrophes, such as in O-12's headquarters on the border of the Ariadna Exclusion Zone, or even in O-12's facilities on the surface of the asteroid that houses the End of the Line Orbital in Human Edge. It was a success that propelled Sunandar Fabrications to the top of Concilium Prima's building industry and earned it a place among the largest contractors in the Human Sphere.

    However, despite being based on a successful product such as the Fēngniǎo Series, Kapsulo Systemo was a really ambitious venture for Sunandar Fabrications because of the wide variety of options offered by this range. This variety was essential in order to meet the deployment needs of the different O-12 Bureaus, and Kapsulo Systemo can provide it thanks to all the subseries it is organized into. Subseries KS Dometo (“cottage” in Esperanto) offers housing solutions, from barracks to small apartment blocks. KS Kanistro (“container” in Esperanto) provides a variety of storage and maintenance spaces for vehicles and materials, such as hangars and REM Garages. KS Solvo (“solution” in Esperanto) provides the communications facilities required that every O-12 station in colonial areas. And these are just the most representative ones, because Kapsulo Systemo is a very attractive integral solution due to its price/quality ratio, which is more expensive than its predecessor, the Fēngniǎo Series, but also more oriented towards clients with higher technological needs and bigger budgets. Many nations and corporations have already expressed their interest in this range, so it will unsurprisingly soon be found all over the Human Sphere, only not displaying the O-12 emblem. We can safely say that Kapsulo Systemo is a new example of the growing importance of Concilium Prima in the international market, a planet that has revealed itself as a source of opportunities for those with vision or good connections.
An article by Monique Hwang for Business News & Sphere Report Mayazine, available on every Mayaportal.



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The Berth is a Medium 0-12 -themed building for Infinity the Game. This Building functions as temporary housing for on-site personnel. It features two wide doors and two narrow doors connected to an elevated inner platform.

These laser cut MDF pieces come unassembled and unpainted