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Command Bunker Platform

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USAriadnan "Comanche" Colonial Defensive Post

One of our original but still most popular pieces is the Command Bunker. Now you can add a second story and connect the Command Bunker to our Comanche Walkways, Towers, and Pillboxes. 

The inside floor on the platform is removable to allow easy access to the inside of the building without removing the entire platform.

The original Command Bunker roof will still attach to the platform for a completely closed building.

Note: This piece is designed to augment the Command Bunker and is not a standalone piece. The bunker is not included with this piece.

Dimensions: 9.5in x 9.5 in x 3.5in

This 3mm MDF piece comes unpainted and unassembled.

Assembly instructions are available in this PDF.

Terrain rules for this piece are available in this PDF