Ord Bulkhead

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Many of the buildings deployed in an Ordhren Droppost are primarily concerned with the grisly act of recycling and re-purposing the bodies of fallen enemies and allies alike. So successful has the Ordhren pogrom proven to date that their Ghraves are choked with the bodies of the dead and the wreckage of fallen drones and vehicles. Forges are so laden with the resulting resources gleaned from neural lace and smelted equipment that there is scant room to store the spoils of the Forgemasters' labours. The Ordhren have begun to deploy a larger version of their standard drop-module in order to cope with the red harvest reaped by their Fireborn; at least until such time as there are no enemies left to kill.

The Ord Bulkhead is a modular addition to the Thon Ord range of terrain. It includes two long walls, one narrow wall and one door, all of which are removable and interchangeable with other components of the Thon Ord line. The roof is included. An optional inlay for the floor allows you to place two 40mm objectives, or use the included hatches to fill the holes.

This 3mm MDF piece comes unpainted and unassembled. 

Assembly instructions are available in this PDF and this PDF.