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Ord Grudobran

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Long before their reinvention as an army of conquest, the Sons of Ord were the Allied Guild of Terraformers charged with taming and reshaping dead planetoids and vacant Starlight alike. The lessons of pragmatism and practicality learned in those long, hard years have not been forgotten and while savage and bloodthirsty in the extreme, the Ordhren still practice a diabolically efficient method of warfare using the very tools that served them so well in the act of creation. Enormous networks of prefabricated fortification are dropped into the warzone with pinpoint accuracy serving not only as a bastion for the invading forces, but also as a form of troop and materiel transport. With their customary efficiency, the Sons of Ord can extend and enhance their network of buildings even in the midst of battle until any notion of counter-attack is rendered well nigh impossible.

Screaming from the heavens on a trail of flame, the calamitous arrival of an Ordhren Droppost signals the beginning of the end for defending forces; the very sight of its descent tearing the heart out of any resistance before the protection afforded by its indomitable walls is even required.

Typically the final piece of a tower to be dropped or Forged, the Grudobran, (or 'Grudo' as it is more commonly referred to by the rank and file) are the battlements that provide cover to snipers and observers on the roof of the tower.

It includes four removable walls. All are interchangeable with the walls from the Ord Mocht. This piece is designed to work as a roof or as a standalone piece. The doors are designed to connect to the Ord Mocht and Ord Braun pieces.

Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 1.5"

This 3mm MDF piece comes unpainted and unassembled. Building is shown for reference only and is sold separately. 

Assembly instructions are available in this PDF.