Ord Pedestal


The Pedestal is an architectural feature that at first glance appears out of keeping with that of the security- focused sons of Ord. It provides no element of cover to the building or its occupants and leaves the interior almost completely visible to those outside. It does, however, function very well as a launchpad for battle-crazed Fireborn, gunning their furnace packs and hurling themselves into the bullet-haunted skies of the Warfront on contrails of blazing fire.

A Scaffold provides the building's occupants with a safe vantage point with which to direct suppressing or sniping fire upon enemies below meaning that even when surrounded by a swarm of enemies the Sons of Ord are never truly besieged.

The Ord Pedestal is a two-piece modular insert for the Thon Ord range of terrain. It includes the Pedestal platform and the Scaffold balcony.  Both are interchangeable with any of the walls or doors. They may be used together or individually for a variety of scenic effects.

This 3mm MDF piece comes unpainted and unassembled. 

Assembly instructions are available in this PDF.

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