Corvus Belli

Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff, Wulver Bounty Hunter (Multi Rifle)

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Designed For

  • Nomads
  • Ariadna
  • Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor
  • Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin

Armies: Nomads/ Ariadna / Corregidor / Bakunin

“Sunday at noon. Once again, I wake up with blood on my knuckles, reeking of alcohol, and a huge bullet hole where last night's memories should be. My name is Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff, I am a Wulver with a cybernetic claw, and I am a virtuoso of violence and trouble. When I say trouble, I mean my own, and as if that were not enough, other people's too. I am a bounty hunter, I hunt people down for money, and while I chase them, I run away from my own problems.”