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Corvus Belli

Druze Shock Teams

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Designed For

  • Haqqislam
  • Qapu Khalqi
  • Druze Bayram Security
  • Ikari Company

The Druze Shock Teams are paramilitary assault units with a wild and bloody reputation, equipped with sophisticated military gear. Created by the Druze Society, they are a mercenary force often seen in the Haqqislamite Qapu Khalqi’s service—or in that of the highest bidder

This box includes five miniatures: one Druze with HMG, one Druze with Chain Colt, one Druze Hacker, Jethro with MULTI Sniper Rifle and Security Chief Arslan with MULTI Rifle and Light Shotgun. The perfect box for Haqqislamite players and a great way to create a Fireteam of Druze for your Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Army or Druze Bayram Security force.