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Xiguan Stacks - Stairwell Builder

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3 11/16" Wide x 5 5/8" Long x 2 5/5" Tall

(Average Dimension)


The Xǐguǎn (鼅莞), or Spider District, pattern was a compulsory package of regulations designed by the Party of Yu Jing during the colonization of Yutang and Shentang. Each sector of a new city on the twin planets had to comply with these regulations, which received the name of a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture. The Xǐguǎn pattern set a series of specific and unavoidable services and modules that guaranteed some minimum, decent conditions for the future inhabitants, according to the ideal of maximum equality for every citizen of the StateEmpire defended by the Party.

This led to the Xǐguǎn becoming the most recognizable visual elements of the first colonization period of Yu Jing’s twin planets. Since they were the oldest sectors of the city and had a basic nature, the Spider Districts were progressively abandoned in favor of newer areas that provided better services and comforts. Inevitably, many Xǐguǎn became areas inadvisable to enter, and the name “spider” lost its positive meaning and acquired the negative sense that we usually attach to these creatures.


Designed For

The Xiguan Stairwells are a stackable building designed to provide access to Xiguan Stacks with multiple stories. Starting with either a Left Entrance or Right Entrance, you can stack Additional Flights to the desired height. You can then cap off the stairwell with either a Rooftop & Landing or a Rooftop Access, depending on if you prefer the rooftop to be accessible. Use Back Alleys to provide an optional bit of cover and detail to the back of the stairwell or work to connect with a Xiguan Buildings Fire Escape. Xiguan Stairwells must be at least two stories minimum but can be stacked to any height.

This Stairwell Builder is a tool designed to allow you to select the appropriate stairwell for any Xiguan Stacks you have. Each image shows were the various access doors are to match up with the various additional Stories. Use the layout menu to select whether you want roof access and the floor count menu to select the number of stories. Each Stairwell "stack" is made up of the various Stairwell Components.

Color Printed Kits are "pre-painted" and come with a colored graphic finish, Bare MDF Finished kits are supplied unpainted.