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N4 Hacking Bundle

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This bundle contains all the essential markers to manage your Hacking game in Infinity the Game.  It contains:

  • 3x Cybermines
  • 2x Immobilized-B
  • 1x Impersonation-2
  • 2x Isolated
  • 1x Possessed
  • 3x Repeater
  • 2x Supportware: Assisted Fire
  • 1x Supportware: Controlled Jump
  • 2x Supportware: Enhanced Reaction
  • 1x Supportware: Fairy Dust HI
  • 1x Supportware: Fairy Dust REM
  • 1x Supportware: Fairy Dust TAG
  • 2x Targeted

This pack contains 22 full-color acrylic or magnetic Markers. Choose your style from the drop-down menu.

Magnetic Markers are Designed to work with cases and movement trays that are metallic. If you magnetize your minis for transport then these markers are for you. Even if you don't magnetize your minis the markers will stick to each other and help with organization on the tabletop.