Comanche Pillbox Bunker Scout Platform


USAriadnan "Comanche" Colonial Defensive Post

The Pillbox Bunker Scout Platform is designed to replace the roof on the Pillbox Bunker. This piece adds two levels of playable terrain to the bunker. Three ladders are included for easy access to each level. Also included is a ring for securing 40mm objectives to one of three locations.

The floor on the platform is removable to allow easy access to the inside of the building without removing the platform.

Note: This piece is designed to augment the Comanche Pillbox Bunker and is not a standalone piece. The bunker is not included with this piece.

Dimensions: 10in x 4.75 in x 3in

This 3mm MDF piece comes unpainted and unassembled.

Assembly instructions are available in this PDF.

Terrain rules for this piece are available in this PDF

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