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Dave Taylor Miniatures

The Tremendous Tome of Epic Dungeons

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The Tremendous Tome of Epic Dungeons is a high-quality,
160-page hardback book, clad in red faux-leather, embossed
with gold foil, and filled with more inspirational 3D dungeon
builds than an adventurer could safely navigate in a lifetime!
Authors Jeff Hall and Dave Taylor present their own epic
dungeon builds using commercially available parts, 3D-printed
elements, and scratchbuilt creations.
The Tremendous Tome also includes some big names –
Luke Gygax and Gaxx Worx, Dwarven Forge, WizKids,
Steve Jackson Games, Monster Fight Club, GooeyCube, and
Printable Scenery – who present epic builds that draw on their
singular resources!
In addition, there are creations from some of the best
“dungeon” builders in the community, showcasing their
incredible talents and awesome collections across a wide
variety of epic builds! You can see feature builds from
awesome GMs including: Black Magic Craft, Real Terrain
Hobbies, RP Archive, Picassawi, NPC Creations, InkdMage,
oldskoolcreative, Horcharr, and Todd Putnam!
The goal of The Tremendous Tome is to inspire gamers to
take their roleplaying experiences to the next level! When
players can easily picture where they are and what they’re
facing, they can focus on their roleplaying.