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Xiguan Components - Stairwell

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The Xiguan Stairwells are a stackable building designed to provide access to Xiguan Stacks with multiple stories. Starting with either a Left Entrance or Right Entrance, you can stack Additional Flights to the desired height. You can then cap off the stairwell with either a Rooftop & Landing or a Rooftop Access, depending on if you prefer the rooftop to be accessible. Use Back Alleys provide an optional bit of cover and detail to the back of the stairwell or work to connect with a Xiguan Buildings Fire Escape. Xiguan Stairwells must be at least two stories minimum but can be stacked to any height.

Left Entrance - By using this to start your stairwell the second story door will be on the right of the building, and then alternate every other floor.

Right Entrance - By using this to start your stairwell the second story door will be on the left of the building, and then alternate every other floor.

Additional Flight - This component can be stacked to any height by turning each consecutive addition 180°, creating a spiral staircase. 

Rooftop & Landing- This two-part component consists of a final landing that has access to doors on the left and the right. It then caps with a roof that allows no access or deployment.

Roof Access - This component can be flipped either way to cap off any existing stairwell with a roof access door. Models can be deployed or moved on this roof.


* All directions (left and right) are from the front"street view" of the building. 

These kits are designed specifically for use in Infinity the Game. Made of MDF and Acrylic these building kits are perfect for any 25-35mm scale sci-fi setting.

This kit is supplied unpainted.


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